Hard Money loans are the traditional means of funding for folks who are interested in getting into the real estate investment arena. These types of loans are based on the ‘After Repaired Value’ or ARV of a property. Hard Money loans typically include funds for both the purchase and rehab of the property. This is the perfect type of loan for anyone interested in getting into the ‘Fix ‘n Flip’ business.

Hard Money Lenders, like CPL, are able to move quickly, are more organized, and typically have access to more funding. However, Hard Money lenders are also known to have higher rates and points, in an effort to mitigate their risk, that’s where CPL is different.

The Added Value of CPL

At CPL, we utilize the best parts of Hard Money Lending, with the flexibility and person-centered values, of a Private Money Lender. We do this by servicing each of our clients and their unique needs based on their long-term goals, vision of success, and desired legacy.

While we have a proven process and method that has been successful for the last decade, we are creative and innovative when it comes to meeting people where they are at and making our Hard Money loan services more affordable and accessible to those who have little to no real estate investment experience.

Another aspect of our Hard Money Lending that is unique is our one-on-one coaching services throughout the process of the project. Our team of real estate experts back your investment, by doing our due diligence to make sure the deal is successful. Because when you are successful, we are successful.

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