Constantine Linos’ Principals  

Constantine Linos, CEO, is in the relationship business. Since founding CPL Investments, Constantine has prioritized his efforts into building connections that pay off over time. He believes the strongest relationships can achieve optimal stability and consistent, continual growth while navigating uncertainties with the least risk and most success possible. That’s why structure, relationship, communication, balance and growth have become Constantine and CPL Investment’s core values.   

Before beginning any partnership, Constantine ensures strong processes and a solid foundation are in place to generate the most stability and growth. He and the team continually research, evaluate, report and build upon activities and issues to inform their processes. Clearly understanding goals and strategies, and always seeking opportunities to improve, streamline and reinvent workflows allows Constantine to deliver achievable, cost effective, objective-based outcomes.  

When working with Constantine, clients and team members alike find he’s cultivated an environment where people work together cooperatively and effectively to achieve goals. Constantine initiates every relationship by defining and understanding the value he brings. If he can’t add more than monetary value, then the relationship won’t grow or last. It’s this value proposition that helps Constantine lay the groundwork for long-term, successful partnerships for all.  

Developing deeply connected relationships only works when communication thrives. Constantine believes good communication leads to more meaningful discussions, which leads to more meaningful relationships. Being honest, transparent and straightforward helps him anticipate and resolve confrontations, recognize differences in opinions, own mistakes and keep commitments. Because situations are interpreted differently, having a direct and open dialogue with Constantine will help uncover solutions that benefit all involved.   

Constantine knows he’s been successful when investors and borrowers see the core values in every CPL Investments team member. Choosing to partner with Constantine and CPL Investments means committing to a long-term relationship, where every investment is treated personally.   

Zach Scholer 

Zach is a passionate, energetic, analytical leader of customer relations, managing deal coordination and loan underwriting for CPL Investments. Borrowers and investors will interact with Zach throughout the entire investment process. He works to establish a clear, concise process that supports the loan approval, loan reviews, escrow draw requests, the release of additional funds, and discount expirations. With a background in finance and economics, Zach has learned that money, assets and collateral are secondary and the client’s character priority when aligning with CPL Investments’ values. Ask Zach about the latest dish he’s cooked, his favorite book, or how many miles he’s run.

Kelly Barrientos 

Kelly is a reliable team player and problem solver that oversees loss mitigation, accounting, escrow and investor reporting for CPL Investments. With experience in business management and finance, Kelly is well equipped to support borrowers and investors throughout the payment process. She’s new to the industry but fits right into CPL Investments’ culture and team-centered atmosphere. Ask Kelly about the latest book she’s read, her passion for fitness, or her family.

Wade Warner

Wade is an enthusiastic and supportive leader of sales and outreach. He works hard to connect with Indy’s thriving real estate investment community all while demonstrating the many advantages of working with a local lender like CPL Investments. Wade serves as our primary point of contact for new clients interested in partnering with us. He works hard to fully understand the unique needs of our borrowers so that we can tailor our lending services appropriately. Wade values relationships deeply and works to develop a partnership that is beneficial for all parties involved. With a background in sales and relationship building in a different industry, Wade’s relationship-centric values strongly align with CPL’s. Ask Wade about his music recommendations, his take on Chicago sports teams, or his family’s plans for the weekend.

Noha Zaki

Noha is a conscientious and detail-oriented member of our team with a focus on office management. She is instrumental in ensuring timeliness, sustainability, and consistency of CPL’s processes and organization. Noha supports all steps in the deal-making process and is key to delivering a quick and successful deal. Focused on establishing a solid structure within our organization, Noha  embodies many of our company values and supports our team to do our best work so that we can offer unmatched services to our clients. With a background in marketing, Noha is also supporting our branding and communications strategies. Ask Noha about her latest organizational project she’s done, her latest painting, or her dog.

Viviane Linos

Viviane is a compassionate and visionary leader of communications and human relations. She works hard to support the team, create content, and provide culturally relevant communications both internally and externally. Viviane has increased our presence online and provided organizational and technical support to the CPL team. She is focused on community and relationship building as well as decreasing the barriers to accessing our services. Viviane’s commitment to equity and ethics strongly aligns with many of CPL’s core values. Although Viviane is new to the field, she is eager to learn and grow in the real estate investment industry. Ask Viviane about her 4 rescue animals, what she’s cooking for dinner, or her favorite video game: Splatoon!

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