We absolutely love working with CPL Investments! We have been doing business transactions with them for many years but never feel like we are just a client. CPL Investments definitely add a personal touch to their service. It is always efficient and effortless and they are always available when you need them. Just can’t say enough good things about working with them.

--Shannon and Candace

Having done three projects with CPL I have learned a great deal.  The best lesson for me however has been the relationships that we developed.  To my surprise, the business relationship turned into more of a partnership.  With each transaction came honest and candid conversation about what went right and what could be improved upon in the next one.  Never have I felt as if I was just another number but rather I was a vested interest.  In this way I was encouraged to do my best in each investment.


From a title company perspective, working with CPL Investments has always been a professional experience. All documents are prepared in advance and promptly delivered to our office. CPL always table funds so both parties in the transaction leave with complete files. The most unique feature of their business practice is that CPL always has a representative at the closing table to ensure their clients are satisfied their service.

--Frank J.

CPL Investments is a lender that feels more like a partner. In the beginning, they spent time with me to answer my questions and provide their thoughts on my strategy to ensure success! CPL is reliable due to their fairness and direct communication. I love that if they say they’re going to do something they do it! Not only is the CPL team professional, but they are enthusiastic about what they do. CPL Investments has played an integral role in the growth and development of my company. Simply put, out of 100 private lenders, they are by far the best!