What began as an individually run company with Constantine at the helm, has grown into a fully functional team focused on building systems and processes to execute investments quickly. Developing a more robust internal team of thinkers and problem solvers has increased efficiencies and helped CPL Investments do more for their clients. Whether it’s fix and flip loans, bridge loans, transactional funding, new construction loans, commercial loans or lines of credit, the CPL Investments team intentionally moved from the opposite side of the lending table to work directly alongside their clients. As a result, clients have become an extension of the CPL Investments team, redefining the way people view their lenders.    

In their ten-year history, CPL Investments has loaned more than $40.5 million, resulting in 833 percent total growth since inception. From the first $75,000 loan in July 2010 to the first $2.5 million loan in January 2020, CPL Investments services all investment levels while continuing to prove accelerating growth and expanding capabilities year-after-year. Beyond the numbers, the CPL Investments team finds the most excitement when partnering with real estate investors making a positive impact locally as well as in further reaching communities. 

Partnership and ownership are essential in supporting the client’s ability to run successful, scalable businesses. Externally, CPL Investments enables their client’s growth through the CPL Investment Fund, as well as through strategic coaching and educational tools that inform more logical, objective decision-making. Internally, CPL team members take part in every aspect of the business; from the vision and mission, to the long-term growth strategy and daily solution generation. One of CPL Investments most important beliefs is that great processes make a foundation for great people to be great.     

Reliability, creativity, flexibility, loyalty, honesty and excellent communication make CPL Investments a trusted and valued partner. 

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