CPL Investments: The Origin Story

At CPL Investments, we consider ourselves a family and we welcome all of our clients into this family. Often times, you hear big corporations tout this exact sentiment, or you might have even heard it at your own job….. But at CPL, this feeling is not just authentic, but it’s enrooted into our core values and into our origin story.

It all started in 2010…

Back then, our founder, Constantine, had the privilege of being mentored by one of Indy’s top real estate experts, Walter Bopp. With Walt’s mentorship and support, Constantine dipped his toes into the world of real estate, eager to see what kind of impact he could have! Little did he know at that time, how his vision would evolve into the company we see today.

When Walt passed suddenly, his portfolio was left unattended and there was much to be done. With the family’s blessing, Constantine and his father in-law, Bart, stepped up and did what they could to tie up the loose ends. They supported the family through the transition of losing their great patriarch and gained the trust and gratitude of the Bopp family along the way.

From there, an idea was born: focused on keeping the legacy of Walt alive and finding ways to support the family for the long-term. This idea was CPL Investments! From the very start, Bart encouraged Constantine to run with the idea and committed to supporting him as a mentor and partner. Constantine, filled with excitement, uncertainty, and the backing of another expert in the field: Bart, began to seek out investors to support his vision, but little did he know, he wouldn’t have to look too far at all.

Charlotte, Linda, and, Sherri, Walt’s widow and two daughters, were CPL’s first three investors. They believed in the vision and hard work of Constantine and were willing to put their money where their mouth was. So, with the backing of the Bopp family and the instrumental guidance from and partnership with Bart, Constantine was able to see his dream manifest into reality. The foundation of CPL was built on the support and resources of Constantine’s family and that flavored the values of the organization, from its conception.

Hard Money Lenders in Indianapolis since 2010

Our logo reminds us of our story…

This story shows just how important family is to everyone at CPL. Not only is it in our values but it is the reason we began in the first place! And our amazing team members have carried these values on for the last decade, bolstering Constantine’s initial vision and taking the company to the next level. Our logo is an intentional and constant reminder to preserve this memory and core concept of: family.

It might look plain with the 4 squares, but this logo harkens back to the beginning days of CPL. Commemorating Constantine’s first 3 investors (blue boxes), rallying to support him (gray box); and it’s been reminding our team of how much power a good support system can have on someone’s success. We are all inspired by this memory and do our best to live up to these values everyday when we come into work.

That is why, at CPL, we treat everyone like family. From the very start of a deal to the very end, if you are a seasoned expert or if this is your first time, we want to see you succeed. We want to be YOUR support system. We want to support your success not just in the short term but in the long term! Over the last decade, we have systematically built a network of real estate investment professionals who have benefited from our years of experience and knowledge as well as our person-centered approach that allows us to tailor our services to meet individual needs.

Finding a reliable lender is one of the most important steps in real estate investing and CPL is here to make that part a little bit easier. We are a local organization, with a local team, and local interests. We are here to make Indy a better place to live and work and we want you to be a part of that. Consider reaching out to hear how you can join the CPL Family and find your own success in the real estate investment world!