Serving Greenwood for Over a Decade…

As a team of local experts, we at CPL Investments are always looking for ways to support our own communities. We love our home State of Indiana and consistently prioritize local areas to invest in. With a local team and local money, comes local decisions. This allows our team to be creative and close deals quickly. As Indy’s primer private, hard money lender we have a unique position to meet the many diverse needs of our clients and work together to create long-term, mutual success.

Over the last decade, we have done countless deals in Greenwood and the broader Johnson County. There are many opportunities here and the need for investment is always present. With many industries supporting the labor force, along with the quick access to highways and interstates, Greenwood is a source of upcoming potential.

Greenwood is the most populous suburban municipality in the southern portion of Indianapolis. With large populations and some manufacturing headquarters in the area, there will be continued need for residential and commercial spaces. With nearly 400 acres spread across 17 parks, Greenwood also has some great public recreation spaces. The opportunity to connect with nature and live in an area that has easy transportation to the broader State, is a very attractive option to folks who want to escape the downtown city life, but have access to all of the amenities the city has to offer. Consider checking out Greenwood, Indiana to see what opportunities you can capitalize on! We are proud to serve all areas of our great State, including Greenwood, and we are eager to invest in these areas to support them in maximizing their potential.

Hard Money Lenders in Greenwood, IN

The Added Value of Working with CPL…

At CPL, we center our values when working with clients. We are relationship-oriented and always strive to have honest and transparent communication. We want to be part of your team and ensure success for all parties involved. That is why we focus on doing deals that make sense, and with our ten years of experience in hard-money lending guiding our efforts, we have a unique foresight into challenges that might occur within a project. Our team of local experts is one of a kind and able to visit properties in person, produce quick turnaround times, and connect you with our large network of professionals to support your investments. We want to collaborate with you to make our State and cities like Greenwood, better!

Over the years, our team has done work across the Greenwood area. And we are always looking to expand our services and reach in Johnson County and beyond. While Indiana has a general culture, each city and area within our state has its unique characteristics. Our team’s expertise and experience is instrumental in securing the best deals and producing the best outcomes. The added value that the CPL Team can bring to deals in Greenwood and beyond, is simply unmatched.

If you are excited about Greenwood’s potential and want to invest in our great State, we are the lender for you! Take a look at our website and see for yourself the added value of working with a local, private, hard-money lender like CPL Investments. We are ready and eager to join your team and support you in establishing a lasting legacy of real estate investment success for yourself and future generations. Let us show you how we Invest in YOU, all the while investing in our great State of Indiana, along with it’s many great areas, like Greenwood!