Serving Indianapolis for Over a Decade…

At CPL Investments, our passion is serving our great state of Indiana. That is why we have a local team, with local money, that makes local decisions. It is engrained in our company values and culture to center our own communities and invest long-term in the places that we live and work. With our unique position as a private and hard money lender hybrid, we are flexible and nimble to meet the many diverse needs of our clients and work together to find mutual success.

Over the last decade, we have done countless deals in Indianapolis and the broader Marion County. Being the capital of Indiana, but also the geographic center of the state, there are many opportunities here and the need for investment is always present. With booming populations, fast growing industries, along with our reputation as a sports hub, Indianapolis is buzzing with potential.

Hard money lenders in Indianapolis

The Added Value of Working with CPL…

Our team of real estate investment experts, want to collaborate with you to make our city better. Whether you are a born and bred Hoosier or found the great value of our state later in life, we want you to work with you! We imagine Indianapolis’ success as a multi faceted effort, spanning financial services, social services, and community development. Even more important, those resources must touch every point of our great city to really make an impact and our track record shows just how committed we are to investing in ALL parts of our great city.

Over the years, our team has done work across the Indianapolis area including in: Broad Ripple, Fountain Square, Meridian- Kessler, Bates-Hendricks, Decatur, Woodruff Place, Butler-Tarkington, Herron-Morton, and Washington Township to name a few. And we are always looking to expand our services and reach in Marion County and beyond.

These neighborhoods each have a unique culture and market and our team’s expertise and experience is instrumental in securing the best deals and producing the best outcomes. The added value that the CPL Team can bring to deals in Indianapolis is simply unparalleled.

If you are excited about Indy and want to add value to our community, we are the lender for you! If you are unsure of where to start, but have a drive to try something new, we are the lender for you! If you are a seasoned real estate investor but need a partner that holds their own and gives you piece of mind, we are the lender for you! If any of these things are true….then look no further than CPL Investments. Let us show you how we Invest in YOU all the while Investing in INDY!